Vehicular Exhibitionism

I feel:: scared

Never let me say again that driving in south Arkansas is boring. On the day I took my rental truck back to Fordyce and get my finally fixed car, I encountered a sight I have never seen before. I was about 10 miles outside of Fordyce and driving contentedly with the air on high and Living Sacrifice in the CD player when I noticed a motorcycle coming towards me in the oncoming lane. I saw that it was a man and that he was wearing a red motorcycle helmet. I know he was a man because he was riding his motorcycle with no shirt on. I thought,"What a dumbass. I can't believe he's riding a motorcycle shirtless." As he got closer to me, I saw his bare calf and thought,"He's wearing shorts too? Oh God, deliver me from stupidity." He got closer and closer and I saw more and more of his tanned leg. I thought,"What, he's wearing a speedo or something?" Then, he passed me in the other lane and I was privy to the sight of his unbelievably white butt cheek. He was riding his motorcycle naked with only a helmet on. After he passed me, I just kept driving in sort of a state of numbness. I mean, how often does one encounter nude motorcycle riders? It took a few minutes for the funnyweirdness of the situation to hit me. I couldn't stop laughing and as soon as I pulled into the car dealership to pick up my car, I walked into the showroom to get my paperwork laughing,"I just saw a naked man on a motorcycle!" As I got into my newlyfixedbrandnewlooking car I thought,"Why do I always see the naked people?"

On Monday, my friend E called me. I had been trying to get hold of her for about a week with no luck. I think she had been holed up with her druggywaytooldforher boyfriend. We chit chatted for a few minutes and then she said,"You were right about T. You are right about all my relationships." I said,"What do you mean?" She sighed and said,"T tried to kill me the other night." She went on to tell me the whole hideous story while my heart sank deeper into my chest and my breathing would occasionally stop. I told her to go to the police, but she said she was afraid to because he has told her before that if she ever did that he would kill her and her family. So, I told her to get away from him, but she said he has threatened to kill her son and her parents if she ever left him. I don't know what to do now. She wants me to help her, but she's too scared to help herself. I don't think there is anything I can do unless she's willing to either turn him in or get away from him. I can't make her do anything she doesn't want to do. I'm so afraid for her because T has a history of violence. He went to prison before for the attempted murder of his ex-wife. So, I'm praying for her all the time. I fall asleep praying for her and I wake up praying for her. I'm going to have to trust that God will do his will in this situation. I want to rush in and rescue her, but I know that that is controlling behavior and I refuse to do that. It's so hard to just sit by and watch her suffer. She called me yesterday afternoon while I was studying in the school library with Tanya. She just wanted to talk for a bit. I told her that I was studying and asked her if I could call her later or if she would call me later. She said she would if she had time, but that she was going to be with T for most of the night. She also told me that T has told her that he doesn't want her talking to me or coming over to my house anymore. Great. I'm scared and frustrated. I keep thinking what E must be feeling right now.


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