The Devil Is Beating His Wife

I feel:: sleepy

Sunday night I had another one of my crazy dreams. I don't remember much of the details of it, but what I do remember is this: The Devil was going around killing all of these people I knew and loved. The whole time he was doing that, he had ordered me to sit naked in the bath tub and wash my hair. After he would kill someone, he would bring the person into the bathroom to show me how he had mangled them or tortured them. I couldn't look, but he would forcibly turn my head to make me see what he had done while he was telling me how he did it.

The next day, Monday, I had to drive an hour and a half to take my car to be fixed. The whole way there and back it was raining off and on, but the sun was shining brightly. My dad used to say that that meant the Devil was beating his wife. I thought that was kind of odd considering the dream I had the night before. My mom also used to say that fog was a cloud that had died and fallen to earth. My parents are crazy. I guess the child doesn't fall far from the proverbial tree.

Today, I have to go out of town again to return my rental truck, which is HUGE by the way. The lady from the insurance company of the girl who hit me set me up with an 05 Dodge Dakota-black. It's great, but it's big. I can drive it pretty well, except I have trouble backing up because of the truck bed and I have trouble parking just because I'm not used to such a large vehicle.

I've been training for the Hardware dept at Sears for the past two weeks. The first week was really easy, but now that I'm into the different kinds of tools, their characteristics, selling points, features and benefits, I'm bogged down. I'm having to take notes on everything because I know next to nothing about tools. I'm stressing over it because my manager keeps walking by me while I'm on the computer to tell me that he wants me to be on the schedule for this coming week. There is no way I'm going to be able to get all of it finished by then, especially since classes start on Monday. This is really a big pain in the ass for a part time job. I did get to have some retail therapy though the other night. Since I have an employee discount now at Sears, I took advantage of it and bought a couple pairs of shoes (like I need more shoes), several shirts and a new purse. Woohoo! I LOVE RETAIL THERAPY!!


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