Get Gnarly!

I feel:: excited
What song is on a loop in my head right now:: something by A Perfect Circle

Renee and I went to see the Tony Hawk extreme sport thing at Alltell earlier. Skateboarders, BMX-ers, Freestyle Motocross-ers. It was just awesome. I loved it. I wish it had lasted longer. I whooped and hollered like I was at a concert. The MC was working the crowd and he would say things like,"Ok, on 3 everybody scream 'GET GNARLY!' " So I screamed along with all of the kids around us. I haven't had that good of a time since....well, I can't remember. Definitely going to go back when they return next year. I might even go buy that Tony Hawk video game. I just got sucked in and I found myself wondering why there were no women doing these things. Then, I wished I could because it looks like SO much fun.

Last night, I went out with this guy named Larry who was running sound for the Tony Hawk show (That's how I got to be there. He left two will-call tickets for me at the door.)We went to Senor Tequila and had a good dinner, but unfortunately he hit upon the kiss of death for any man who wants to go out with me.
#1: He told me I look like Bette Midler. In fact, he thought I looked so much like her that I could impersonate her.

#2: He made a joke that he could see the new growth of my hair. I color my hair. Most people who know me know that I do. I'm not ashamed of it, but DON'T tell me that I have roots.

#3: At one point when I was hanging out with him in his hotel room, he vanished into the bathroom for about half an hour. He flushed the toilet 3 times. I should have known that he was going to be taking care of bidness when he said quickly,"You can turn on the tv if you want to." I had to pee really bad, but I didn't want to brave the funk that I knew was floating in there like a green fog.

So, right after he returned from his bathroom dissappearance, I left. I didn't really get too far inside his hotel room. I sat down in the chair that was immediately inside the door and I sat on the very edge of it the entire time I was there so I could jump and run if I needed to. He didn't really make me nervous, but you never know what people are capable of. Anway, I got a free dinner and a free ticket to an awesome show.


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