Are We Done Yet?

I feel:: angry

Neverevereverevereverever try to cram for a test in Psychosexual Behavior. I have been studying since 4pm. It's now midnight. My printer has crapped out on me and I've only gotten through one chapter of review notes in 7 hours. If I could have printed them out I would have been done by now, but noooooo my printer had to kick the bucket right before the test. I've got Chps 8,9,11,12 and 13 to go and review the short answer questions. I'm going to fail miserably. It's my own fault. I should never have started reading Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince last week. I might as well just not even show up and take the make up test on final day, but that would mean that I would have 4 absences this term and that would mean he would fail me regardless of what I made on this test and the previous test. So, I'll go to class and bomb the test. Why am I such a damned procrastinator? Who could have guessed that a class about sex would be so...hard?

Bah. I'm going to bed. I want to watch Star Wars for the millionteenth time and fall asleep dreaming about Han Solo. I'll study more in the morning before class. Incidentally, I have a job interview tomorrow at Sears for a position in the appliance department. I know it doesn't sound glamorous or cool or anything remotely fun, but I need a job. I'm tired of having no money.

Yes. I am a tad pessimisstic at the moment. Dammit, where are my M&Ms?


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