I feel:: exhausted

was my birthday. I'm 35 now. yay . At 11:30 on May 17th, my dad was walking from the kitchen through the living room to go to his bedroom when he fell. He couldn't get up for a long time. I had to basically lift him off the floor onto the sofa. I got his walker for him and I lifted him again off the sofa into a standing position. He shuffled a few feet across the living room floor and I told him that we should call 911 and have an ambulance come and take him to the hospital. He didn't want me to do that though. He shuffled over to his recliner and gingerly sat down in it. When he tried to get up again a few minutes later, he couldn't. He could barely move his left leg. So, I called 911. A couple of minutes later, 3 volunteer fire and rescue guys showed up here and took dad's vitals and pronounced him ok. A few more minutes later, 2 ambulances and a cop showed up. All of these people were in my living room talking about how to get dad out of his recliner and onto the stretcher. So, what they did was they all got in various positions around his chair and lifted him from it onto the stretcher whilst he was cursing in pain. I followed the ambulance to St. Vincent's Hospital. I called Tanya on my cell while I was driving to tell her what had happened. She asked me how it had happened and I told her that dad told the paramedics that he had his house slippers on and was walking across the living room carpet when he got his feet tangled and fell. I told her what I thought was that he had been drinking, like he does every night, and probably lost his balance from being drunk and fell. Tanya told me that I had to tell the paramedics he had been drinking because they might have to give him medication and if they didn't know he had all that alcohol in him they could inadvertently kill him. So, when I pulled up to the ER and parked, I ran up to the ambulance just as they were getting dad out and I pulled aside one of the paramedics and said quietly,"He's been drinking a lot." She said,"How much?" I said,"I'm not sure. He went out earlier like he normally does and had a few drinks, then he came home and drank his usual half-pint of Jack Daniels." She replied, "I'm glad you told me." They wheeled him inside and I had a seat in the ER waiting room. I had called Ryk on my way there and he walked in a few minutes after I had sat down. About 15 minutes later, they said I could go back. Ryk and I walked through the automatic doors back into where the ER rooms are. I asked the nurses and they said he was in treatment room 5. We found him in there still in his stretcher and covered up with a sheet. A nurse came about 30 minutes later and wheeled him away for Xrays. When he came back, he was complaining because he said his pants were half off and half on. We had to wait a long time before the doctor showed up. About 2 hours. When he finally did, he told dad that he had broken his left hip. After the doctor left, my dad shooed Ryk and I out of his room telling us to go home and go to bed. That was about 3:30am. Ryk walked me out to my car and we stood by it and held each other for a long time. We parted and I drove home. I walked in and it was weird knowing that he wasn't here. The house felt empty. I was exhausted. I fell into bed and slept like the dead. I woke up about 11:00am and felt really shaky. I called my dad's sister, Liz, and told her what had happened. She asked me accusingly why he was not in bed at 11:30pm. I thought, "Is he a child?" I was sort of irritated. She had the tone of voice like she was accusing me of making him fall or like I wasn't taking care of him well enough. I had called his room several times that morning, but got no answer. Liz told me that that was because he had gone into surgery at 9:00am that morning. Ryk messaged me when I got on the computer at about 12:30 and I wondered why he wasn't at work. He told me that he had caught a stomach virus from his daughter. Well, several hours later, I came down with it too. I didn't think I would ever get to leave the bathroom. In between bathroom trips, I just laid in bed and wished for someone to put me out of my misery. I was disappointed because I was going to go see dad in the hospital, but I couldn't because of the virus. I didn't want him to catch it, especially since he had just had surgery. So, my birthday pretty much sucked except for the roses Ryk got me. They arrived about 5 minutes after I woke up via Fed Ex. I really like them and was really surprised.

I also took another picture of Mija that's really cute:
Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com
She discovered my computer desk and roamed all around it.

Well, dad is going to be in the hospital for about a week or so. I talked to him after his surgery and he said he's doing fine. They are keeping him pretty doped up on pain medication.

Today is therapy day and I'm going to see dad in the hospital. Ryk is also going to take me out to dinner tonight for my birthday.


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