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I feel:: hopeful

If you've ever felt the way I feel, you'd understand what it is to accept anything and everything about a person. Their faults, no matter how bad they are, tend to stay in the shadows. When people ask you what you're thinking, you just shrug, because you're heart's on fire for him. When you lay next to him, and all you think about it the sounds of his heart. When you'd rather spend one second with him, even if means you'll be late for anything. When his kisses are everything that heals a bad day, and his hugs are so entrapping. Without him, you'd be nothing. You'd never have grown the ways you have. And you'd never feel so beautiful. But since you have him, You're everything you'll always be.

When those moments of laying bed, and giggling are foreshadowed with arguments. Those are the moments when we don't think about how beautiful things are. When the sweet kisses, are bitter words, we forget how in love we really are. When you're so anxiuos just to see his face, Your skin starts to crawl. He's everything that has made you love this world. He's the part of you that you can't live without, and the more and more you wait, to see his face, you'll start to cry.

You'll shake, and he'll wrap his arms around you. You'll apologize for the tears on his shoulder, and you'll bite your lip, because thats the thing you do when you're happy. He'll kiss your cheek, and hug you again. You'll breath him in. Nothing will smell better, and he'll intoxicate you. You'll put your hand in his, and for the first time in your wholes lives, you'll have seen each other. And all the dreams of laying beside him, will finally come true. All the kisses you've voiced for so many years, will be doubled, by real kisses. You'll see the person that has made you so extrodinary. You'll see just how much love can change things.

I have a job interview tomorrow at a place in Maumelle called Home, Inc. The guy said he is building houses that people can actually afford and he needs an office assistant. He mainly wants someone to take ads from people who want to advertise on his websites and to load them onto the website. I was cautious at first because I barely know how to do HTML, but he said that he has this software that basically does it for you. All you have to do is learn the software. I figure I can do that. It pays like 450/week. That's pretty good for an office assistant. I'm excited about it. I hope my interview goes well. I called the employment agency today that I'm registered with. There's not much happening there. I think that Ginger, my employment counselor, expected me to take the first job that I was offered and when I turned it down, I think she put me on the back burner. I don't know that for sure though. I'm just being paranoid I guess. She did kind of give me the blow off when I called her today. I'm thinking about registering with another employment agency.


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