Another One of My Crazy Dreams

I feel:: confused

I had a really weird dream last night:
I had a dream last night that my dad and I and another woman I couldn't identify were cleaning out the back of my car. In this dream, my car was a hatchback. There were all kinds of clothes and blankets in the back. As I was lifting a blanket, I saw a small arm sticking out from underneath it. I lifted up another blanket and saw that there was a little boy lying underneath and he was covered in blood, like he had just been born. Well, we were all shocked that there would be a baby boy in the back of my car. My dad said that someone must have put him in there while I had the back of my car open while I was moving out of my previous place. We thought that he had been in there for a couple of days. So, I wrapped him in a blanket and took him to the hospital. I was so freaked out, because I could tell that he was really sick. When I got to the hospital, I kept trying to find the ER and I kept getting lost. I asked everyone I passed where the ER was, but either no one would tell me, or they took me the wrong way. I finally got to the ER and went up to the triage to tell the nurse there what had happened. Finally, someone listened to me. They rushed the baby into this room with an incubator and I couldn't see him. I gave them my phone number and told them to call me and let me know how he was doing. That's all I can remember.


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