I Don't Know

I feel:: depressed

whether I should be sad or not. A part of me is and a part of me is relieved. Erik and I are over. I didn't hear from him or see him for two weeks. He called my cell phone while I was in the Blue October show on the 26th, so I called him back. That was on a Saturday night. He said that he would call me on Sunday and that he wanted to come over and see me on Monday night. Sunday-no call; Monday-no call and no show; Tuesday-no call. Wednesday I checked my voicemail and there was one from him on Tuesday afternoon at about 2pm. He said that his boss came into the radio station and talked to him until 11pm. He is a dj and he gets off the air at 7pm. Maybe I'm paranoid, but I don't think he sat at the radio station and talked to his boss for four hours. Even if he was there like he said, it would have taken him all of 3 minutes to call me and tell me that he couldn't come over. I didn't know what to think when he didn't call and didn't come over. I called him back on that Wednesday and he said that he had tickets to go and see Spiderman 2 that night and asked me if I wanted to go. I said sure. So, when I talked to him later and asked him if we were still going, he said that he didn't have any tickets. Again, call me paranoid, but that makes me think that he's seeing someone else. Also, the other day, he came over to my house, but didn't talk to me. He only talked to my dad. I was asleep, but I would have gotten up. He returned a PS2 game that I had leant him. I think that's weird. So, I took him off of my lj friends list. I just read his lj and he said that it's over between us because we are just too different in our beliefs. I still think he's seeing someone else. So, yeah, that's where I am now.


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