I feel:: crushed

I just got back from seeing King Arthur. Good movie. When I came out of the movie, I was walking toward my car and there was this tiny little kitten running away from me. It was so tiny. So, I called to it and it stopped for a second then started to run away from me again. I followed it and it just kept running from me. At one point, it was hiding in the grass (there's an empty lot next to the movie theater) and it was just crying so pitifully. I couldn't catch it. I lost it in the tall grass. I must be crazy, because on the way home in the car I broke down and started crying. I feel so bad for that little kitten that I'm all shaky now. I even thought about going back to the empty lot with a flash light and trying to find it again. It was just so pitiful and scared and it has no one to take care of it. Now I'm all depressed. Well, I was already depressed, but I'm more than I was before. I can't get that little face out of my mind and I keep hearing it cry.


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