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I'm back from my Florida vacation. I didn't take any pictures unfortunately. I seemed to have forgotten my camera whenever photo opportunities were good. One day, there were about 8 or so dolphins really close to the shore of the beach and I didn't have my camera to take pics of them. It was really cool. We went to the Gulfarium and saw the dolphin show and the sea lion show. That was cool. The dolphins come right up to the glass windows in the tank and just watch people. I did a lot of shopping. That was fun, but now I'm broke. I'm going to go job hunting tomorrow. Hopefully, I will find something fun that pays decently. I'm on academic probation from UALR because I quit going to classes when I had my breakdown. My gpa is still above a 3.0 though. I have to call Financial Aid office tomorrow and find out if this is going to affect my loan and grant status. I had two panic attacks while I was on vacation. My Zyprexa was upped from 5 mg to 10mg. I'm still kind of shaky though. I was pretty bad last night. I was wishing that Erik was here to hold me.


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