So, I Had This Dream...

I had the WEIRDEST dream last night. I dreamt, first of all, that I was a part of some weird superhero team that was made up of only women. I think there were four of us. We could change into other forms when we had to disguise ourselves. One girl changed into an alligator, one changed into some kind of parasite that rode on the back of the alligator, one changed into a wolf, and I can't remember what the other one changed into. Well, we all changed and were going down this residential street to a white house. The door was unlocked so we went inside and changed back into our human forms. In the foyer, there was standing water in the floor, but when you put your foot or hand in it, it turned to blood and started to go down a drain, counterclockwise. The drain and the blood disappeared when you took your hand or foot away from the water. There were stairs on the other side of the standing water and we all went up them. Upstairs there was a huge wooden table with tons and tons of old books on it. To the right of the table there was a doorway which led into something like a bedroom, but there was no bed in there. It was like a junk room. There were purses and umbrellas and more books, a bookcase and another door in there. I remember picking up a purse in there that I thought I had lost and I thought that it was weird that my purse would be there. So, we all went through the other door and we were attacked by these weird people and tied up and left in a sort of meat locker type place. Some time later, a big woman with a lot of facial hair came to get me. She took me into a living room area and suddenly I looked down at myself and I was wearing a baby doll dress and black patent leather shoes with frilly socks. My hair was dirty and stringy and hanging in my face and I couldn't look up for some reason. The big woman kept talking to me and asking me questions to which I would answer,"Yes m'am." My speech was very slurred and I couldn't speak very loudly. I remember another person to my left sitting on the couch doing some painful things to me, but I sort of made myself go somewhere else in my mind so that I wouldn't feel the pain. Most of the time, I think I was pretty zoned out, but I remember thinking the whole time that I have to keep this game up so that they think I'm all drugged up and zoned out so that I can escape. At the end of my dream, the big woman took me into another room to change my clothes and somehow the next thing that happened was that she was lying on her stomach and I was giving her a back massage. Then, I started to strangle her and then, I was lying on my back with my legs wrapped around her and I stabbed her in the neck with a pair of scissors. I went to look for my friends, but they were all dead. I had been in the house for something like 20 years. That's all I remember about the dream. It was pretty freakin' weird.


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