I Still Have My Hair

I feel:: depressed
What song is on a loop in my head right now:: a song from the soundtrack to Chicago

I went out on Saturday night to see Dust For Life with Erin and we went to Lainie's afterward and as I was leaning against her counter in the kitchen, my hair caught on fire from a candle behind me that I didn't realize was there. The smell was terrible, but not much of it burned. It was kind of scary though. Other than that, I had a good time.

I guess when it rains it pours, last night, as I was eating dinner, I bit my tongue so hard that it bled. I went to look at it and there's a huge chunk gone from it. I was going to go out to see Dawn of the Dead last night with Gabe and the group, but I couldn't get my tongue to stop bleeding. When it finally did stop, it hurt so bad that I couldn't concentrate on anything else. Today, it's so swollen that I can't eat. I had a quiz in Spanish today, but I didn't go. I couldn't make myself get up in time. So, yeah, I'm a little depressed today. I guess I shouldn't have drunk that wine on Saturday night. It seems like everytime I drink, I get depressed for a couple of days despite the Prozac. There's a chance for me to make up one of my absences in Spanish this afternoon at 3:30 if I go and see the Spanish project puppets, but I don't know if I'm going to go.

I feel bad about standing up Gabe and everyone. I hope you are not mad at me, Gabe. I'm tired today. I ate too much sugar yesterday. Dad went to Krispy Kreme and got a bunch of doughnuts and my blood sugar is still messed up. I'm shaking now, even though I've eaten twice today.


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