Thanks To Prozac

I feel:: cold

I'm up with the chickens. I've been up since 6:30 AM and I'm on Spring Break! WTF is up with that?! So, has anyone seen on the news about that guy in Fresno who killed his 9 children? That so freaks me out. I saw just a minute ago that now, authorities suspect that he fathered at least two of them with 2 of his OWN DAUGHTERS! And people say that shit only happens in Arkansas. Yeah, whatever.
I don't know what I'm going to do about my Algebra class. I had a test last Wednesday and I totally flaked on it. I didn't go. I had a panic attack. The thing is, I would have flunked the test. I know it. I'm so freakin' lost in that class. I don't know whether to keep it and just take the bad grade, or drop it and risk being on financial aid probation. I don't know that this will happen, but I suspect it, since I've already dropped my Astronomy class. I'm a tad stressed about that.
On a completely random note.......

I have way too many shoes.


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