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I've been studying a lot. My Prozac seems to be working. I started physical therapy for my back yesterday. I am so very sore today. It's got to get worse before it gets better I suppose. I'm so ready for this semester to be over. I was going to go to Florida over Spring Break, but the girl I was going to go with is having surgery to have her gall bladder removed on Monday, March 8. We were going to leave the next week. Obviously, she won't be able to go and I can't afford to go by myself, but I think we are going to go after the semester is over.

Erik took me to see the Passion of the Christ yesterday. Yes, I cried my eyes out. Erik said that I had a death grip on his hand the entire time we were in the movie. It was really nice to see him finally. I miss him so much sometimes that I ache.

We had a guest speaker in Spanish class today. Evidently, he's some sort of a celebrity. El Smooth Suavecito. He is from Panama originally and he just talked about Panama and answered our questions. He said that he just got a contract with Sony Music and was leaving to go on a world tour in May.
Speaking of world tours, I saw Rocky Gray in Cracker Barrell last night having dinner with his wife, kids and I guess either his or his wife's parents. I was with Sally and Tanya. Sally was all,"We should go up to him and be like,'Hey aren't you that guy from Living Sacrifice?'" haha That would have been great.

So, that is pretty much all that is going on with me. Thank you, Eddie, for checking up on me. You are so sweet to do that.

Thank you, Erik, for telling me that you loved me yesterday. I so needed to hear that and I so needed to feel your arms around me. I love you so much.


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