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I feel:: angry

When it rains it pours. My dad is in the hospital for something having to do with his heart. I took him to the ER of The Heart Hospital yesterday. They admitted him, but I haven't gotten to speak to any doctor's. The one who was working in the ER last night and who ran the test didn't ever come by to tell us what was going on. Sometimes I hate doctors. He's going to see is cardiologist tomorrow, well actually his cardiologist is coming to the hospital to see him. So, hopefully, I'll know what's going on tomorrow.

As for me, the Shingles are getting a bit better. I'm still dizzy and feverish though. I've been all day trying to study for my Civ final. I just got through studying Chapter 11, now I get to do Chp 13. Yays. Then, I get to study my in class notes. Then, I get to write two papers for another class. I kept wondering today if there was any way that I could get out of taking finals since I am so sick, but probably not. I don't think they let you do that unless you die or somthing, in which case, I would still probably owe money. I'm so out of it that it has taken me forever to type this due to all of the mistakes I made. I seem to have gone Dyslexic all of the sudden.


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