I feel:: annoyed

I'm trying to get everything wrapped up for the end of the semester. Why do all of the profs have all of this shit at the end of the semester? I don't understand the waiting. I'm just irritated today. At everything. People irritate me to no end sometimes. I feel like a total bitch when I get like this. I just want to tell everyone to go fuck themselves and leave me alone, but I don't because eventually, I won't feel that way and I'll want to have people around me.

Thanksgiving was ok. I ate at my aunt Lizzy's house. My cousin Matthew made Pumpkin Cheescake, but I didn't get to have any because they left and they took the cheesecake with them.

I got a new coat the other day from Burlington Coat Factory and I bought this black faux fur throw for my bed. It's super warm and cozy. My coat is ankle lenth suede, lined with wool and hooded. It's got this white faux fur stuff on the end of the sleeves, around the edge of the hood and down the front. It's pretty cool looking. I like it and I know that it will be warm.

This week is the last full week of classes and the last day of classes is next Tuesday, then finals week begins. I have to get everything done before the end of this week. It looks like I'll be doing a lot this weekend. Well, after that, I'll have a month off. Yay.


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