12 hours of Algebra and my brain is leaking out of my ears.

I feel:: hungry
What song is on a loop in my head right now:: Phil Collins~One More Night

I just spent the last almost 12 hours finishing up my algebra. I was one problem away from finishing and that was the one that hung me up. Well, I guess I'll have to wait. You know how you get a goal in your mind and if you are in the right frame of mind, you don't stop till you achieve said goal? That was me today. I don't even think I ate today. Well, I'm partially sick, so that would explain the lack of appetite. I hope it's not just me that gets so singleminded like that. lol I would hate to be alone in my obsessiveness.

I had this crazy dream the other night that I was a contortionist. I remember doing all these twisty moves in my dream and then when I woke up I felt like someone had beaten me in my sleep. My muscles were all cramped up and stuff. It was just craziness. I guess I really was trying to be a contortionist in my sleep.
That's it for now. I'm off to bed.


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