I've Been In Memphis

I feel:: cold

I went to Memphis on Friday to see APC. The show was good, but short. Maynard was throwing some kind of temper tantrum backstage after the show was over. He was yelling at people and throwing his arms around wildly pointing in the general direction of the audience, who were slowly dispersing. The end of the show was funny with a bunch of musicians on stage still playing while all the roadies were breaking down. James Iha, Maynard's guitarist told a couple of REALLY bad pirate jokes. After the show, we went to find this bar called Newbies. It wasn't very far from the Midsouth Coluseum, but we didn't know where it was, so it took us an hour to find it. By the time we got there, the after party was over. Tanya got the attention of one of the bartenders thanks to her boobie shirt, so we all got free drinks thanks to Tanya's boobs. After that, we were pretty buzzed, so we walked across the street to this restaurant called RP (I think that's the name of it). It was right across the tracks from Newbies. That restaurant had the best food I ate all weekend. They stay open 24 hours and have a full bar. It's like an after hours eat/drink place. Our waiter was really cute too. We did run him a bit, but he was so cute and we left him a great tip. Saturday, we went shopping at the Wolfchase Mall. We only went to three stores though. Then we ate dinner and went back to the hotel. Tanya wanted to go to Silky O'Sullivan's because she wanted to see the dueling pianos, I wanted to go too, but Tanya was really tired and her ankles were really swollen, so we didn't go anywhere Saturday night. We all just crashed out. Sunday, we checked out of the hotel at 12:00 and went to Beale Street. We were going to go to this antebellum mansion called the Hunt/Phelan House, but our waitress at the Hard Rock Cafe said that it was closed and that they were going to turn it into a restaurant. Who had that great idea? *note sarcasm* We also thought about going to the Burkle Estate which is a place on the Underground Railroad, but we had to make an appointment to go there and since we didn't leave the Hard Rock Cafe until 2:00 and the Burkle Estate closed at 4:00, we decided to go another time. We left Memphis at 3:00 and got back into Little Rock at 5:00. I got to see Emily, Dev and Stef when I got back into town. We all went to IHOP and then to see Dean Heathen practice. They have a new drummer now. I also made friends with the golden retriever who lived there.
I made an actual style for my lj because I couldn't figure out why I couldn't see the text in my entries. It looks a lot like the other one, but I tried to change the background, but for some reason the new background wouldn't take. I'm going to have to play with it some more. (that sounded bad lol)

It's been raining in sheets here since yesterday. I was going to go to class tonight, but the electric was off and my car was in the garage and I couldn't get the garage door up. Well, at least I didn't have to turn anything in tonight. There are only about 4 weeks left of school until Christmas break! Yay! I have an advising appt. tomorrow and then I can register for classes next semester. Here is what I'm tentatively going to take:
Spanish IV
College Algebra
Concert Choir
Astronomy Lab

Well, I guess that's all for now. Thank you for the hugs and smoochies Emily!


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