Blue October

I feel:: cold
What song is on a loop in my head right now:: Blue October~Razor Blade

I went to see Blue October last night at Juanita's. That was an amazing show, as always. They have a chick bass player now. She's pretty darn good. I got all dressed up and no one else did. I felt so out of place. Why doesn't anyone dress up anymore to go out? It's like no one wants to have anything special. I'm probably reading way too much into all of this, but I did feel kind of awkward; like I stuck out.

After Juanita's, I went to Midtown with my old friend Erin and we stayed there until about 4:30. She had a good time and I'm glad. She met this weird, but cute, guy who said that he was a comedian and he was traveling through LR doing a show at the Looney Bin. He said that he was from Dallas. Erin said that she thought he was really weird, but they were pretty much together all night. Anyway, I came home and went to bed and didn't sleep well, because things kept waking me up. I didn't get out of bed for good until about 5:30pm. Tanya called me and said,"The sun is going down now. You can get up." lol
I took my Civ test on Wednesday last and I think, I hope, that I did better on it than on my last test. At least I managed to answer both essay questions, whereas last time, I only answered one of them. That's all for now, I guess.


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