Yes, I'm Still Nervous And I Don't Know Exactly Why

I feel:: nervous

He called. At like 12:30am. We talked for a bit. The subject of religion came up somehow. We were talking about King's X and he said he knew Doug. I told him that I knew Jerry. He asked me how. I told him that my friend Lori and he were engaged at one time. He asked me how I met Lori, so I told him that her parents took me in when I didnt' have any place else to go. Well, that led to talking about Sold Out and the homeless shelter that I ran for 5 years (he thought that was cool and really cool that we weren't affiliated with any church) and he figured out that I'm a Christian by the end of all of that. He told me that he was not a Christian and asked me if it bothered me that he wasn't. I asked him if it bothered him that I was. He said no. I hope he was telling the truth. It was sort of a difficult moment, but I'm glad that I told him up front. I just don't know if he will be expecting me to act a certain way. I really need to pray a lot. I'm gonna go pray and try to stop over analyzing EVERYTHING.


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