A Little Humor To Insert Into An Otherwise Boring Day

I feel:: amused, but still bored

This is too funny. You guys HAVE to try this:
  • Victorian Sex Cry Generator

  • I got:"Please sir, I beg you! Ease back your attack so that I may compose myself to compass the admission of that stupendous head of your machine!"
    I can't breathe...too much laughter...

    I don't really have much to say on this entry except that the irritating girl who got the abortion is calling me again and she wants to hang out with me tomorrow and I do not want to hang out with her.

    I talked to Craig tonight and he was in a good mood. He called me last night too. So that was good. He doesn't like to talk on the phone I don't think. We only ever talk for like 15 minutes or so. That's ok I suppose because he talks a lot in person.
    I guess that's it.

    I'm having that boring feeling again. Like Creepy suggested, I'm trying to embrace it, but I'm having difficulty. *sigh* I really need to practice my guitar. Paul gives me the biggest guilt trip when I don't practice.


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