I'm So Freakin Tired...

I feel:: giddy
What song is on a loop in my head right now:: Tori Amos~Under The Pink

but sassified. The date went well. Everyone was right in telling me that there was nothing to worry about. I feel like an idiot now. He came here to pick me up and he met my cats and they claimed him as their own. He played my guitar and said that it played like "butta". haha He has a little bit of a New York accent going on. Or maybe it's the remnants of New Orleans. They both sound the same to me. Anyway, we left my house and went to Juanita's and he got to talk to Doug Pinnick, who is evidently an old friend of his. The way that they greeted each other with one of those big, manly, "howthefuckareyoumutherfucker" hugs led me to believe that they'd known each other for awhile. Practically everyone from my church was there and they were all curious about him and they were really nice to him. Most of my guy friends were like, "So, what's the deal with the new guy?" I like knowing that they are looking out for me. Erik was there and found me on the patio sitting with my date and gave me a huge hug and yakked with Craig for a bit. I waved bye to him as we were leaving and he sort of looked dejected. I felt sorry for him, kinda. Craig actually met 2 of my serious ex boyfriends last night and he seemed to get along well with them. I didn't mention that I had dated those guys. I figured it would be in bad taste.

After Juanita's, we went to eat at IHOP. He paid for my breakfast, which I thought was nice. He said that he wanted me to show him around LR, so we went to Murray Park even though it closes at 10:00. I wanted to see if Overlook was still open, but it was blocked off. He wanted to see what it was anyway and we started to go down there, but I was wearing these boots that I got yesterday that have 5 inch heels and they are super thin and there was so much brush overgrown on the pavement that I thought I would bust my butt trying to go down there. So, we stood in the light rain for a few minutes and then he kissed me. It was terribly romantic. Then, I took him out to Lake Maumelle, to this little campsite that is kind of out of the way. It overlooks the lake and you can hear the water lapping on the shore. We stayed out there for like 3 hours and talked. He kissed me again out there and with the rain and the water coming up on the shore it was super romantic. I loved it. We left there at 6:00am and came to my house. We sat in the living room for a little bit and then we started to get sleepy, so I told him that I needed to crash and he said that he did too, so he left for home. He said that he wanted me to call him later on tonight. I really like this guy. I'm still kind of nervous, though, but I'm trying not to be. I always hate it when people let their fear rule them. I don't want to be that type of person.


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