House Of 1000 Corpses

I feel:: sleepy

I watched this movie yesterday and it sort of (not sort of, really) freaked me out. I had freaky dreams last night too.

Little Bit has learned how to push the screens off the windows of my house to get himself outside. I had to go and chase him down earlier.

Among my other weird dreams, I had a dream about Eddie last night and he was in this huge house and I was trying to buy it from him, but he wouldn't accept my offer. The whole thing was weird.

I also had a dream the other night that Sally, Tanya and I were backstage at a Led Zepplin concert, but it was in the 1970's. They were supposed to meet Robert Plant and Jimmy Page somewhere and they took off running and left me and I tried to call Sally on her cell and it was turned off. I just remember crying, "You left me! You left me!" Then, I called Erik and had him pick me up at Robinson Center Music Hall where he found me sitting on the front steps wrapped in a towel, because somehow I had lost all of my clothes.

I went shopping yesterday and got some Zero slippers from Hot Topic. That's the little ghost dog from Nightmare before Christmas. They're super cute and the noses have pumpkins on them and they light up when you walk. I love them. I also bought some electric blue fake eyelashes to wear on Halloween and this eye jewelry that is sparkly, although I'm not quite sure where to place it on my eyes.
I'm gonna go nap now.


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