Estudiando para un examen en mi clase de espanol en el martes. Y mi papa es un pendejo.

I feel:: frustrated
What song is on a loop in my head right now:: Evanescence~Going Under

Blahblahblahblah... I've been working on spanish since 3pm. I'm about tired of it.

My dad let my cat out by "accident" last night. I had to go outside barefoot and chase him down. My dad was laughing. I felt like kicking him right in the balls and then asking him if he still thought it was funny. He pisses me off so much sometimes. I wish I could just tell him what is on my mind. He would be so surprised. Really though, he probably wouldn't give a shit.

I bombed my Civ test last Wednesday. I haven't gotten the test back yet, but I think I'll be lucky if I get a C on it. (Marcia, I thought you said this guy was easy.)

I watched Cherish's kids on Saturday night. That was ok. Her six year old got frustrated at one point while he was playing a handheld Tetris-like video game and yelled,"Bastard!". That was pretty funny, but he still got in trouble for it.

I have a date for the King's X show on this coming Saturday night. I asked a guy out. Wow. I've never done that before. And what's even stranger is that he said he wanted to go with me. Maybe I should start being more assertive with guys. They seem to like a bit of sassiness.

My Spanish test is on Tuesday and I'm so not ready. There's just so much info to be learned and I've been studying but I'm still nervous about it and I have a feeling that I'm not going to do well. I don't want to prophecy doom on myself or anything, but I'm anxious. Well, we do have like 3 xtra credit opportunities which I plan to take full advantage of. This semester hasn't started out very well. I hope it gets better. I hope I can be more disciplined with my study time. I also am having trouble retaining things I've learned. I'm having trouble getting things from my short-term memory bank into my long-term memory bank. I'm so distracted most of the time. I should probably get back on anti depressants.

Well, that's enough bitching and for now.


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