I'm leaving for Dallas tomorrow afternoon and my corset that I paid for last Thursday still hasn't come. Dammit. I really wanted to wear it to the Type O Negative show. Ritual Designs isn't going to get very good feedback from me.

I feel:: bitchy

I'm just so irritated at the moment. I'm doing laundry and I'm so friggin' tired. I've got like 2 more loads to wash and dry and it's nearly 2am. I have class tomorrow at 12:15. I'm irritated with Sally because she was all,"BE READY AT EXACTLY 2:00. I DON'T WANT TO BE PULLING INTO DALLAS AT 3AM!". Like I'M the one that makes us late all the time. Whatever. She doesn't even have to work tomorrow. Her mother does her laundry for her and cleans her room for her. Yes, irritation is the wordotheday. I should probably go and take some 5HTP. I feel like I'm premenstrual, but I'm not. And yes that was way too much information. I want to go to bed and finish all of this shit in the morning, but I don't want to make everyone run late, God forbid.

I'm watching some pointless show on VH1 called From Porn to Rock. They've got Bruce Springsteen recording some shit song called Disorder in the House. Who wrote this shit? It's fucking horrible.

Well, I got my new furniture delivered this morning. My chair that goes with my desk is missing a wood screw that it wasn't missing when I bought it. Anyone know where I can buy a wood screw? I love my desk and chair. I need an ottoman now, so I can prop my feet up. Kickin' back in teh hizzouse.

I'm not feeling particularly creative this evening(morning), or particularly inspired, so I guess I'll end this tirade of bitching. It's fortunate that I don't have a bf at this point, because he would probably be bitching about my bitching. I would feel sorry for him later and then I would have to apologize.


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