Dallas Part II

I feel:: exhausted
What song is on a loop in my head right now:: something by Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band

I got back from four days in Dallas last night. Sally, Ashley and I went to Trees in Deep Ellum to see Type O Negative. It was an awesome show! We even met Dimebag from Pantera after the show. He was just hanging out in the parking lot. After that, we went to a club called The Curtain Club and saw a band called DownLo. They had just come off tour with Seven Mary Three and Godhead. They were really good. I wanted to meet the guys in Type O Negative, but I think Peter Steele was sick, because he was coughing a lot on the stage during their set and they also played kind of a short set. Anyway, maybe next time. I hope I get to see them again.

Saturday night we went back into Deep Ellum. What a nightmare. We didn't get there until like 12am and all of the streets were blocked off by the cops,so we had to park, literally, like a half mile from where we wound up. Ashley had her heart set on going to this club called Club One. It's a gay bar, which means it had the best dance floor. Well, I'm such a masochist that I wore my seven inch platform heels that night, not knowing that we would have to walk all that way. So, needless to say, by the time we got to the club (after wandering around Deep Ellum aimlessly for about half an hour) I was chanting the mantra,"It's not how you feel, it's how you look." over and over again. It didn't work. My feet hurt so bad I would have paid for a chair right then. Luckily, we finally found the club, whereupon, I got many compliments from the resident queens on my outfit, which was uber fab, by the way. The guy at the front door saw me and said,"Oh my god, I love you!" I loved him for gushing all over me. Well, we went inside and sat down. I was sweating like a whore in church by that time. Ashley went to dance and I sat down with Sally at a table. Well, Ashley promptly gained herself two dancing pets, who were fabulously good looking. I, on the other hand, managed to attract the attention of the only straight male in the club, which wouldn't have been bad for me except that 5 minutes after he sat down, he asked me to go home with him. Like I was only there to pick up someone. That pissed me off. Then, as if that wasn't enough, when I told him that I wouldn't go home with him, he asked me if Sally, Ashley and I were all lesbians and if we were could he come back to our hotel room and watch us. He is sooooo lucky that I didn't slap him. What an ass. He finally left after I killed him with kindness. ( I smiled at him sweetly and ignored him for the better part of an hour.) Ashley had fun, though and I'm glad she got to dance her little heart out. I met a really cute guy on Friday night named David, who had really long black hair and who smelled like cotton candy. I have his email and he has mine. So, we'll see what comes of that.

Our last day in Dallas was spent at Southfork Ranch, which is the place where Lorimar Studios shot the show Dallas. We were all touristy and took pics and rode the tram for the guided tour which was pulled by a tractor.


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