Been Awhile

I feel:: blah

I'ts been a few days since I updated, obviously. I went to a funeral on Friday morning. Ashley's grandmother, Noni, died. She was about 84 or so, I think. I had never met her, but Ashley said she wanted me to be there with her, so I went. I cried and cried because everyone was so sad. Well, afterwards, I went to her family's get-together and ate. I ate a lot. There's something about being sad that enables me to eat an abnormaly large amount of food, plus it was raining on and off, so that added to the general mood as well.

I didn't do much of anything this weekend except study and study and more studying. I am so behind because of the little Dallas trip, but I had fun, so it's ok.
I hung out with Laney on Friday night. I went with her to sell clothes. That was interesting. She came over on Sunday as well to work on some of her online business stuff. She doesn't have her comp and things set up at her new place yet. Her new house is awesome, btw. It's huge. I think it was built in the 1930's. I just love old houses. There are so many cabinets in her kitchen, I doubt she'll ever use them all. Some are so high that you would need a ladder just to open them. They go all the way up to the ceiling, which is about 12 feet tall, probably.

Well, another boring night for me. I was trying to study Spanish, but I got bored with it and quit. I was also trying to read The Epic of Gilgamesh for my World Lit. class tomorrow night, but I kept getting all these phone calls, so that was pretty fruitless as well. I took a quiz in Algebra today and made a 50% on it. Not so good. AT ALL. But, at least I'm not all wigged out about it. I just sort of don't really care. I'm so sick of that class, I could scream. I think I'm going to take thequeenmac's advice and hang a punching bag in my garage. I saw there were some on sale at Sears when I was last there.

On a good note, my new corset should be here soon, I hope. I emailed the seller and she said that since it was being shipped from Canada, that it would take awhile to get here. I also won this very awesome top on Ebay tonight. I hope it gets here soon. I know that I'm hopeless when it comes to shopping. I felt like I needed some retail therapy. Now, I think I need some chocolate.

Oh yeah, the girl that I know who had the abortion, well, her boyfriend broke up with her the week after she had it. I knew he would, but I didn't tell her "I told you so" or anything. I didn't even mention to her before she got the abortion that he would most likely leave her afterwards. She doesn't understand why he's gone and she's super depressed now. I'm supposed to go with her on Friday to her check up/pap smear. I told her that she might want to ask about getting on anti depressants short term, considering that:
1. the guy that she was dating was her first; she was a virgin before she met him
2. she got pregnant and had an abortion
3. he left her the week after
4. she's in school and has that to deal with
5. she is fighting with her dad a lot right now. He knows something is going on, but she won't tell him anything. He feels like she's pushing him away and the only thing he can do is be mad at her, because he doesn't know how to express his feelings to her.

She is considering doing that. She's been calling me a lot, which is ok. I just sit and listen to her, which, I think, is what she needs.

Wow, I really need some chocolate, or some Prozac. Anyone wanna hook me up? :) Just kidding, I can buy my own chocolate.


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