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It's 4am and I'm wide awake. Just to pass the time, I pigged out on Peanut Butter and crackers, of course with Diet Mountain Dew, cuz you know that cancels out all of those carbs and calories. (rrrrrrrriiiiiight) Oh well, at least it wasn't Haagen Daz, which is what I REALLY wanted. I've got to get back to eating more high quality protein. This high carb shit is playing havoc with my blood sugar levels. I'm up, I'm down. I feel like shit when I eat like this. Maybe I'm an in-the-closet masochist? Who knows. I wish I had something to help me go to sleep. There is some Sangria in the fridge. Hmmmmmm maybe I should have a glass of that. Great, more sugar.

I haven't done a damn thing today. I didn't even leave my house. I studied on my Civ for a little while. A couple of hours, maybe. Other than that, I played my guitar, watched the tube and sat on my ass in front of this computer.

I bought some furniture yesterday. A computer desk and a chair-and-a-half for my chillin' out room. My little cozy nook tv room that is all mine anddadcan'tcomeinhereroom. I'm giving Lainie my sectional couch with the fold out bed, which is HUGE. I'm going to move the sofa that is in my tv room into the kitchen and set up the new furniture in here when it gets delivered on Wednesday. There is a man who is coming over here on Monday morning to take the sectional over to Lainie's new place. I hope she likes it. I love that sofa. I almost hate to give it up, but I really don't need it and she does. Plus, I got new furniture. I hope she likes it as much as I do. That sectional is so old, it's nearly vintage. It still looks new though. Lainie, you should keep it until it's "vintage" and then sell it for a shitload of money.

I'm going to Dallas on Thursay afternoon and coming back on Sunday afternoon. Sally and Ashley are going too. We are going to see Type O Negative at Trees in Deep Ellum. Lacuna Coil is opening. I'm so excited. mmmmmmmm Peter Steele. *drool*

I think I better go to bed now, before I become any more random.


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