Someone Thought They Were Going To Get Lucky

I feel:: amused

I went to see S.W.A.T last night. Oh my God, there was a line a mile long to get tickets at the Rave. It seems like most people were there to see Freddy vx. Jason. About 10 minutes after we got in line, an employee from the theater came out and went down the line telling everyone that Freddy vs. Jason was sold out. So, like more than half the people in line left, thank Christ. I hate standing in lines.

Last Saturday, Sally and I went to see Vallejo at Juanita's. It was a good show. They did better thank I had seen them do in a while. I guess they got some extra sleep or something. Or maybe extra alcohol. Who knows?

Earlier this week, I hung out with Dan. This is the guy who broke up with me a week before last Valentine's Day. I thought that was pretty shitty of him. Anyway, he called my cell at like 10:30 supposedly to give me his new cell number. Why? So, I was going out to get a midnight snack at the Awful Waffle and he asked me if he could meet me there. So, I said that was cool. What the hell, right? So, he was cool and we talked for a couple of hours and I found myself asking myself,"Why did I ever go out with this guy? And, for that matter, what in the world did I ever see in him?" I realize now that he's a complete loser and I was crazy to feel hurt when he broke up with me. I count myself fortunate, now, that he did. The funny part was that when I followed him to his new place after we left (he said he wanted me to see his new place), he intimated that if I were to come in we might be too ... ahem... occupied.. for him to show it to me properly. I thought that was pretty damn funny. He thought he was going to get laid!


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