I Have A Fever.

I feel:: hot
There's no music playing, but I'm watching this weird ass movie.

I stayed home and slept all day today. I felt fine after taking the first dose of my supplements until about an hour ago. I have a fever now and a headache right in the back of my head. I always know when my fever is bad when my head hurts. I know that I'm really sick when my back starts to ache all the time. It hasn't done that so far. Thank God. I'm about to take the next dose of my supplements and I just took some Nyquil. Hopefully, in an hour or so, I'll feel better. I hope I'm not up until 7am this morning like I was yesterday.

I went with Sally, and Ashley to see Pirates of the Caribbean again. That is the second time I've seen it in the theater. I'm definitely buying it when it comes out on dvd. Swashbuckling, pirates, Johnny Depp in eyeliner. It was easy for me to swoon considering I was already having a fever while sitting in the movie.

I'm watching some weird movie now called 'After Alice'. Keifer Sutherland is in it and he's supposed to be this psychic detective who is chasing a serial killer who is obsessed with Alice in Wonderland. Not much else on actually. *waits for Nyquil to kick in* Everything should be extremely entertaining after it does.


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