My Face Hurts

I feel:: aggravated

Sinus pain is a bitch. I have no sinus medicine that does not make me drowsy, so I guess I'll just have to suck it up. I'm going over to watch Alisha's kids again this afternoon. I like them, but I'm beginning to wish that I hadn't told her that I would watch them. I guess I'm just whining because I don't feel well today. I think I'm running a fever. I can't seem to totally get rid of this funk. This is going on 3 weeks that I've had it. Freaking Chronic Fatigue. :-(

I'm leaving for Cornerstone on Saturday and will be gone until Sunday, the 6th of June. I'm going to start packing tonight. I have some laundry to do. Not much. I did most of it the other day.

I'm going to have to miss my Pilates class again this week because of watching Alisha's kids. I probably shouldn't go anyway. I'd probably just make myself sicker with the exertion. I guess I'll go to Yoga tomorrow night. *sigh* I just want to go back to bed and sleep for the rest of the day.

Paul is teaching me this guitar intro to a Fleming and John song that is totally awesome. He started to tab it out for me last night. He got so engrossed in the guitar intro that he didn't even realize that my half hour was up! I burned him a copy of it from my hard drive. At least I can burn cd's and play them on a different device. I can't share my music files because when I put them on to Sonic Stage, it encrypted them to where they can only be played on my comp.


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