I feel:: confused

Last week when I was trying to finish my Algebra I rented some movies on Pay Per View, I didn't realized how many. Well, we just got the bill for the month and I rented like 10 last month. My dad was all,"Don't rent anymore movies, EVER." Oopsie!

I'm really bored now that school is out. I need to find a hobby or something. I also can't wait to start guitar lessons. I need to find some place that teaches Pilates AND Yoga. It does wonders for my back.
Well, Saturday night was kind of weird. Besides getting soaked seeing Saliva, which was kind of fun. I haven't done that since I was a teenager. Lanie and I went to Midtown after we came back to my house to dry off and change. We ran into Allan, who is the ex bf of this girl that I used to know named Jessica. Jessica brings back very bad memories. Long story. Short version is that I spent 1500 dollars to bail her out of jail on 3 felony child endangerment charges; she jumped bail and shacked up with Allan; her bailbondsman called me at work one day and demanded the rest of the bond money or for me to tell him where she was. I told him to drive his butt down here and I would take him to where she was. Well, I found out later that Jessica was pregnant with Allan's baby; she gave birth while in prison(she did a year I think). Well,at Midtown, Allan didn't recognize me until we had been there for awhile. Then, when he does, he comes over and starts talking to me. Then, he practically sits in my lap. He starts making suggestive comments; sexual comments, like,"So, do you speak Spanish or English during sex?" He went on to ask me all sorts of things and wound up on the topic of pyrex sex toys. (Allan has said ever since I met him when he was dating Jessica that he knows me from back in my high school days, but I don't remember him.)

Well, we closed down Midtown and went to Waffle House. The whole time, Allan is going on and on and on.... ad nauseum about how much money he makes at his new job and how he's already up for this big promotion and all. Then, he tells me that last Wednesday he caught his wife of three years cheating on him. He said that he moved back in with his mother and let his wife have the house and the truck. So, I'm thinking,"What the fuck is he telling me all of this for?" He asked me out of the blue what I wanted for my birthday and that it should be something creative because he doesn't give uncreative birthday presents. I was all,"I don't want a birthday present from you." That just freaks me out that he was all hitting on me. Lanie said that he was hitting on her too, which doesn't surprise me. I saw him trying to get his mack on with this girl named Kinzie who used to be one of Jessica's friends and who stole 200 dollars out of my wallet. She's a crack ho, I can't stand her simply because she stole that money from me. So, I guess Allan thinks I'm like her, I don't know. I know that he really, really likes to date strippers. Jessica was one and so is Kinzie, but I'm not. I guess what really freaked me out more was that seeing him brought back bad memories of Jessica. Doesn't he know about the cardinal rule that you can't date your ex's roomates?


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