The Matrix Reloaded

I feel:: drained

Marcia, Dan, Josh, Nelson and I went to see the Matrix Reloaded tonight. Thanks to our waiter being slower than molasses at Christmas, we arrived at the theater after the movie had started. It was completely packed, so we had to sit in the VERY front row. I got motion sick from being so close to the 3 story screen and got quite a headache and a crick in my neck. What I saw of the movie was great. Marcia and I are going back to see it again on Sunday and this time, we will sit in the very back row! Thanks to Dan for buying my ticket! I'll have to remember to pay him back the next time I see him.

Lanie got two tix to the PimpnHo Ball tomorrow night and invited me to go with her. I'm so excited and my shoes are in! Yeah! I've got to find an outfit to wear tomorrow night! I foresee a shopping trip in my very near future! We haven't decided yet who's going to be the Pimp and who's going to be the Ho.

I'm off to bedfordshire.


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