School Is Almost Over!!

I feel:: sick

I haven't been writing on here much lately. I have been trying to finish the semester at school and still keep my sanity. It seems that not only do the profs pile on the work at the end of the semester, each one seems to think that their class is my only class. I have two more papers to write this week for Fine Arts class. I have to finish my Algebra and take the final. I also have to finish my Spanish online lab manual and workbook before next Wednesday. I... think... I'm .... gonna .... die. If I'm not a complete basket case by next week, I'll be lucky. I am getting my hair colored on Tuesday, which is good. I've got mondo new growth. I found out yesterday from my advisor that I only have to take one more History class. I thought I had to take two. That's cool, one less class to take. I looked at all of the classes that I'll need to graduate with both degrees and it looks like it'll be in May of 2006. Right around my bday... happy bday to me! I don't know what I should do after that. I could go to Med school, or I could go to graduate school. Assuming that I can get a high enough score on the MCAT to even get into med school. Either way, I won't be completely finished with my schooling until I'm like 40. That's 7 more years of school. Oh well, I guess I'll just take it day by day.

I finally got some allergy medicine that works. I have my old sinus problems again, though. Whenever I wake up they hurt so bad. But at least I can actually go outside without dying now. I'm actually excited that it's spring time.


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