My Day

I feel:: accomplished

I went to the doctor today and got a shot of Cortizone in my butt. OWWWWW!! I could feel it all the way down my leg. He gave me some Nazocort nasal spray for my nose and some Allegra. I had to pay them 76.00 and when I wen to the cashier I gave her 80.00 and she didn't have any change and then she dissappeared for like 10 minutes apparently to look for some change. She came back and asked me if I could pay 70 dollars since she didn't have any change. I was kind of bitchy to her and told her that she could have 60 dollars and then I walked out. Like it's my fault she can't give me change? The cashier's office implies that they can take any form of payment. People just get on my last nerve sometimes.

I went to work out afterwards and that was cool. I was on the stairmaster. They should call it the Assmaster. I went to Walmart after to get some food and stuff and when I was walking around I was all,"My ass...my asss!" Well, such are the pains of getting in shape. It was good though, the workout. It gave me a chance to think. I always heard that people who work out have the deepest thoughts during their workouts, but I always thought that that was a buch of bull. Well, I guess I know now.
All in all, it has been a good day. I'm so glad. I've had quite enough of bad ones.


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