I Made It!

I feel:: sick

I went to all 4 of my classes today, amazingly. I thought I was going to pass out at one point bc I just could not breathe. I couldn't gather enough breath to speak to tell anyone that I was feeling like my knees were about to give way from underneath me. That sucked majorly. I was supposed to go to the Ev autograph signing this afternoon after classes, but I didn't go. I came home, loaded up on allergy medicine and fell asleep for like 3 and a half hours. I feel better now. I'm totally loaded on allergy meds right now. I'm having to take like 3 times the dosage in order to have my symptoms relieved. I have a doctor appt tomorrow so I can get an inhaler or something. I also need a diiferent kind of oral med, bc Claritin doesn't work neither does Zyrtec. I have taken 4 Zyrtec tablets today and the dosage is one every 12 hours. Marcia let me use her inhaler today. Thank you Marcia. Like 20 secs after I used it I could breathe better.

I need a new body. Can I trade this one in and get a newer model?


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