Elvis Had A Good Idea With The Peanut Butter And Bannana Sammiches

I feel:: busy
What song is on a loop in my head right now:: I would walk 500 miles and I would walk 500 more just to be the man who walked 1000 miles to fall down at your door.(Does anyone know the name of that band?)

I never had Peanut Butter and Bananas together before, but let me say that Elvis had a good idea, only I didn't put mine on bread. I just ate the bananas smeared with pb.

It's Saturday night and I can't believe I'm sitting at home studying. Well, I only have about 3 1/2 weeks left of school this semester so I suppose that's ok. I am going to get to see one of my favorite bands, Blue October, on April 10. It's their cd release party. I can't wait to hear it. Speaking of new cd's, Type O Negative is releasing their new cd, Life is Killing Me, pretty soon. I checked the website but it didn't give a date. I guess they are still editing and remastering. I saw their new band pic though and they're looking younger, unbelievably. I hope they tour in the US. I could go to a show like in Memphis or Dallas or St. Louis. I don't think they would come here again. I heard that someone at Juanita's pissed them off and they said that they would never play here again.

On a different note, I'm very proud of myself. I did 3 1/2 miles on the stairmaster the other day. I'm not that sore really. I mean, I can feel the muscles are there and are tight, but not sore. I'm going to climb Pinnacle tomorrow with Ashley. Laney and I are going to climb it on Tuesday. Good workout and the view from the top is incredible. Especially at sunset.

I had to go and take the first part of the rising junior exam this morning. The Writing Profieciency Exam. What a spectacular waste of two hours. They treated us like kindergarteners first of all. I tried to show the lady at the front table my license and it was in my wallet and she was like,"The license must be outside of the wallet." She didn't even look at me. Like I was nonexistent. What a bitch. What a major pain in the ass. I sat down and filled out all of the appropriate paperwork and got the same "you are a bunch of imbeciles and we are so much better than you attitude" when I got the instructions for the test. It was an essay. There were two questions to chose from. One was to tell about a time when you almost won, but didn't and how that made you feel. How depressing. The other was to tell about a job that you have had/have and what types of qualifications and personality traits did that job require? How lame. So, I chose the first question and proceeded to tell them how inane the concept of competition was and how it was meaningless in the end. It was not a short essay. I ranted for like 4 pages. Well, I hope I pass. That would suck if I had to take it again. I have to take the second part on April 17. That part I don't even have to pass. The school just uses it for statistical purposes. I say again, how fucking lame. By the time a person gets to college, they should already know how to write and how to perform basic mathematical computations, basic science and things like that. Things that should have been learned in high school. What really pisses me off is that this test is required. If you don't take it, you can't proceed with your college classes. If you don't pass the Writing Proficiency Exam, you can't proceed with your college classes. Ok, I guess I've ranted enough about that.

I still have some Algebra to do and I have to edit my paper for Comp. Tomorrow, after I climb Pinnacle, I have to study for my Fine Arts test on Monday. The final in that class is so going to suck. Next week, I have to write two papers for that class. A critique for music and art. So, that means that I have to go to the Arts Center and pick out a work of art to write about. I also have to find a music event to go to to write about that. I'm so busy with homework and stuff, I don't know how I'll find the time. The last day of classes is April 30. The next week is finals week.


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