Allergies Suck The Big One!

I feel:: angry

My allergies are already bad. My left eye is swollen and irritated I'm wheezing already like my body is just waiting to have an asthma attack. My nose is running and irritated. And to top it all off, my dad bought this crappy, rough toilet paper and it has made my nose all raw. That's just lovely, it's just the start of Spring and I'm already miserable. I need some different medication which means I'll have to go to the doctor's office and wait for three hours to see the doc for like 5 mins so that he can write a prescription. Then I'll get to pay the doctor's office 50 dollars for the pleasure of waiting in their lovely waiting room for three hours. I'm not being very positive today. I'm just sitting here thinking that if my allergies are this bad inside the house, how bad will they be when I leave the house and go outside later to go to class? I'm so pissed at my body right now. Why is it that I always have to be sick?


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