The War Has Officially Started

I feel:: indescribable
What song is on a loop in my head right now:: Evanescence~I Won't Let You Pull Me Down

Oh my God. I can't believe Bush actually went through on his threat. I'm watching the news right now and I can't really describe my feelings. I feel sort of like I did when I woke up on Sept.11 and realized that the towers were hit and were falling. I'm sort of shocked, but I'm sad as well. I think this action is very significant for the ultimate outcome of things. I just have a hunch, I can't explain it. I'm also scared. Not for myself, but for what this will mean for the rest of the world. I feel like crying right now. I'm sure I'll be up praying most of the night and many nights to come. I feel as though I'm witnessing history, like my dad must have felt when he saw Chiang Chi Chek's army sail out of China and Mao Tse Tung's army move in. Ohhhh, I'm going to cry like a baby now.


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