Some People Can Be So Shitty

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I just woke up a few minutes ago. Monday morning. Ugh. The good thing about this morning is the Kona Double Chocolate coffee I'm drinking. I woke up from a really weird dream about riding on a bus. The bus driver was driving around from city to city. He kept driving by the place I wanted to go and stopping at other places and saying,"Is this your stop?" And I was all,"No, I need to go to Fordyce." So, when I woke up, I was walking from Kingsland to Fordyce along the highway with another girl whom I couldn't make out. I think it was Marcia, but I'm not sure. Why I was so determined to get to Fordyce, I have no idea. That town sucks. I mean some of the people are nice, but everytime I go back there, they just stare at me like I've grown antennae or something.

So, I got my piercing on Saturday. A Monroe. It's pretty swollen still and it leaks a little, but Brandi said that would be normal for a while. I clean it like 6 or 7 times a day and I have been rinsing with Listerine like 6 times a day. I'm so paranoid about keeping it clean. I don't want it to get infected and I've actually been praying that it doesn't. Thanks to Brandi's horror story about her Monroe piercing, I'm also paranoid that the ball will come off in the middle of the night and be loose in my mouth. I've been praying that that doesn't happen too.

My dad's bday was Saturday. He's 73 now. I went to a bday party for him that was given by his sister, Liz. I didn't get to stay long though. Just long enough to give him his present and to eat some Bananas Foster over ice cream that Liz had made. That stuff was the shit. It was so nummy. I gave my dad his bday present. I got him a $40 gift certificate from this new Japanese restaurant called Crazy Hibachi's. He can also use it at Chi's Chinese restaurant and at Sekisui Japanese restaurant. I like Crazy Hibachi's because they have three restaurants in one:Mongolian- (where you fix your own from the bar and take it to the cook and he cooks it for you) all you can eat for $16.95;Hibachi grill and Sushi bar. I don't eat sushi. It's just a principle of mine not to eat raw fish. I know some of it is cooked and that makes it a little better, but I still can't eat something like eel. My friend Sally loves it though. She even got Marcia to try some when we ate dinner there on Saturday. Marcia tried some raw tuna on rice. She made the funniest face! She was all,"Oh! It's stuck in my throat!" She reached for her water with a quickness.

Sally got her hair darkened on Saturday. She was barbie blonde and now she's golden brown. It's supposed to be golden anyway. I can't figure out if it's the color that her stylist used or the fact that Sally's hair is way overprocessed, but the color is uneven. It's darker on the new growth and gradually gets lighter as it goes toward the ends. It actually looks kind of gray in places. I think he should have used a color filler since her hair was so light. It would have evened out the color deposit. He also could have put some conditioner in the color before he put it on her hair, just to make it a little easier on her hair since it is kind of fried. She colors her own hair at home and she always does the whole lot of it every time. Sally's hair is waist length. Instead of just bleaching the new growth to match the rest, she would apply the bleach to all of her hair, which fried it, of course. I tried to tell her over and over again, that you just can't do that to your hair and expect it not to look bad. Oh my God, her hair was screaming for a toner. She was yellow blonde. I love her dearly, but she just does not need to be a home chemist with her hair.

Sally and I went out to see Eric Johnson (not my ex-another guy with the same name) play guitar at Juanita's on Saturday night. I was running late bc I had been hanging out at dad's bday party and I had to come home and get ready. The show started at 9:30 and Sally called me at 9:25 wanting to know where I was. I was driving up Vimy Ridge road. I was about 15-20 minutes away from her. She said that the show was sold out and that she had to buy our tickets from a scalper standing outside the club for $20 a piece. The club was selling them for $15. When I got there, she was standing outside the club with Brandon. He had emailed me a couple of days before and wanted to know what I was going to do this weekend. He said something about he wanted to go trout fishing. ???? Anyway, we stood there and chitchatted for a little bit. Brandon didn't go to the show with us bc he said that he didn't buy tickets from scalpers on principle. So, he said that he was going to go to The Underground Pub and have some beers. Sally and I went inside the club and got our usual drinks: mine-Sambuca, chilled, shaken, martini glass;hers-Sambuca, water, ice, tall glass. We love Sambuca. So, the place was way crowded and we couldn't walk around without squeezing by people much less find a place to sit. There was no place to sit, not even on the patio. So, we found a relatively open space to stand on the deck by the stairs, which was by the front door. Unfortunately, we decided to stand in front of these two guys who turned out to be total dicks. This one older guy (he had to be like 50) kept making all these passive aggressive comments. They weren't made directly to Sally and I, but he would say things to people walking by like,"You could get by better if these girls would move." So, we just kept standing there. Finally, the older guy says to me,"You do know this is a fire exit don't you?" I was all,"Yeah, and if this place catches fire, I'm going to be the first one out of here." He was all," You have heard about those 96 people that died when that club caught fire?" I was like,"Yeah,so what's your point?" He was all,"Do you intend to stand there for the entire show?" I was like,"Yes." He said," Well, you need to move because we were here way before you." I said,"This is a public place, and I can stand anywhere I please. If you don't like it, take it up with management." He said," I will." He made another comment about us moving to a different location and I said,"Look, there is no other place for us to go. It's crowded in here." I pointed to the people standing in front of the bar, the people standing on the back patio, the people standing on the back of the deck and the people standing in the pit and said,"None of those people have a place to sit and they all have to look around some one else. No one can see shit. It's crowded and you're just going to have to deal with it." He then said,"Is that how you got you're red hair?" (I'm such a dumbass right here, I totally set myself up for this one.) I said,"How's that?" He said,"By being a bitch." I was so stunned that I didn't have a reply and he said further," Or did you just grow into it." Both men were laughing at me at this point and I was so angry that I was shaking. I hate confrontations anyway, they give me flashbacks of things I would rather not remember. So, I went to Kevin, who is the head of security of Juanita's. He happened to be standing right behind these two guys and I told him what was going on and that I didn't know what to do. I also told him that that one guy called me a bitch. Kevin said,"Just stand there. They see you talking to me. Let me know if they keep fucking with you." When I went back to stand with Sally, the youger guy said,"It didn't work did it?" I didn't even look at him, I just flipped my hair over my shoulder and rocked out to the show. They made succeeding passive aggressive comments like,"All I can see is HAIR!", but Sally and I didn't acknowledge them at all. I told Sally,"My feet are cramping from standing here so long, but I'll be damned if I'm moving. As long as their here, I'm here. The only way I'll move is if God moves me." I had to go to the bathroom so bad, but I didn't because I was so mad. I just dug my heels in and refused to be moved. Those guys were such assholes. I started praying to the Holy Spirit to comfort me because I was so shaky and nervous. I kept thinking that you never know what people will do when they're angry and what if they're in the parking lot after the show waiting for us? The more I prayed, the better I felt. I even told God that I forgave them for being assholes, which is surprising given how vengeful I can be. After the show was over, Sally and I went to Midtown and had another Sambuca drink a piece. I got really bored really fast and I told her that I wanted to leave to go eat. She wanted to finish her drink and she wanted to go eat, so she asked me to wait on her. God, it took her a damn hour to drink that drink. All the while, I'm dying because of the cigarette smoke. In a normal club it usually doesn't bother me, but at Midtown, the club is so small and there is no ventiliation so it just hangs in the air. Finally, she finished her drink and we left. We went to IHOP for breakfast. We had chicken quesadillas and pancakes. We both had weird cravings that night.

On Sunday, I finally managed to write my two papers for Fine Arts class, for the theater part. I wrote a critique on a play called The Piano Lesson that I went to see at the Rep on Valentine's Day and I wrote a report on the play I went to see Friday night called The Vampire Lesbians of Sodom. I don't know how good of a grade I'm going to get. I think I remembered after I emailed my report to Dr. Chapman that he said in class that when we were writing our reports not to focus too much on the plot, but instead to tell about the costumes and the meaning of the play.Well, I kind of did both. I have a sinking feeling that he's not going to like my papers. It would be par for the course for this class. I just got a letter in the mail the other day inviting me to join the National Honor Society. Figures, two semesters of straight A's and now this one class fucks me up. God, I hate that class.

I have to get ready for school now.


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