I feel:: drunk
What song is on a loop in my head right now:: Type O Negative~October Rust

I'm not really drunk, just tipsy. Just enough to be really sleepy and to say things the wrong way. What's really bad is that this all started earlier on tonight. I went to see a play at the Public Theater called Vampire Lesbians of Sodom with Ashley. Our friend James was in it. He played a vampire lesbian. He was in drag. It was completely hysterical. James was fabulous. The play was so camp. I loved it. So, after the play is over, James comes out from backstage and gives both Ashley and I big hugs. We told him he was fabulous and we chatted a little. We started talking about his red smoking jacket that he wore in one of the scenes as a dress. He had stockings on underneath it. He said,"Girl, I'm even wearing panties!" I looked at him wide eyed and said,"YOU'RE wearing panties?" Now, James is somewhat overweight. He knows that he has a weight problem and he's very sensitive about it. I know this and I understand this and I would never say or do anything to make him feel like he doesn't look good. I would never insinuate that he was fat in any way. Well, right after I blurted out what I did, James said, "Yeah girl, size 12X." He then lifted up his dress, which is way more than I wanted to see. I just hope he didn't take my comment the wrong way. I told Ashley to tell him that I didn't mean it derogatorily.

Ok, after the play, Ashley, Sally and I went to dinner at a mexican restaurant (well Tex Mex anyway) called Cozy Mel's. Our waiter was so shitty. We sat at our table for a good half hour before he took our order and to make things even worse, he kept coming by the table to fill our drinks and chips and refill salsa bowls and whatnot. But he never took our order. I was like, "Is he avoiding taking our order or what?" So, finally, he comes to take our order and Sally said,"I was driving down the street the other day and I saw these two construction workers in their truck just smoking a joint as big as you please and this one was kind of heavyset." The waiter looks at Sally and said, "That was probably my brother." And I said,"Was it you?" Then Sally goes, "He's not heavyset!" I was kind of loopy at this point and didn't realize how that comment sounded until Sally said something. I totally missed the part where she said the guy was heavyset. I was thinking construction worker and our waiter, although somewhat feminine, was large enough I thought to be able to do that kind of work and I thought that he might do it during the day as his full time job. Most waiters and waitresses have full time day jobs or at least another part time job. I told him that that is what I meant but I don't think he believed me. Well, I'll have to be sure and not get that waiter the next time I go there, especially since his service was crappy and I only tipped him 2 dollars on a twenty dollar tab. Shitty service=shitty tip.

I'm getting another facial piercing tomorrow. It's called a Monroe because it simulates a beauty mark. I'm excited. I know it will hurt though. I have been told that it takes about four weeks for those to completely heal and that it will be swollen for about a week and a half. Oh well, such is the price of beauty, right?

My freakin ear hurts. I hope I'm not getting an ear infection. It's been clogged up for about a month now and it's getting worse. I so do not want to go to the doctor and have it cleaned out. That will cause me to have an ear infection for sure. Ugh. I'm going to try to clean it out myself this weekend. I know that's nasty and all, but it's a part of life, right? And life is not always pretty.


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