I Finally Feel Not-So-Depressed

I feel:: content

I realized last night in between bouts of fitful sleep that I feel finally like I'm not depressed. I actually feel like I'm secure, right now anyway. I find it funny that I can have complex realizations like that while I'm sleeping. I can also do complex mathematics in my head when I'm asleep. I don't know why that is. Maybe it's bc I'm more relaxed? I don't know. I have a Spanish test today that I'm not totally prepared for. I'm not too worried about it though. There's only a couple of things that I need to look over.

I'm supposed to go out tonight with a bunch of people from the message board to a bar called The Factory. It's a gay bar, but there are a bunch of women going, only 2 men. There's supposed to be kareoke tonight. I'm sure that will be hysterical.

I talked to Eddie yesterday, that was cool. He was making a full English breakfast. Very impressed with that, yes I was. A man who can cook is a wonderful thing. Anyway, we had a nice convo and we are getting to know each other a little better, which is cool.

*sigh* I don't want to go to class today. I want to sleep in and go shopping. I suddenly have a need for some major retail therapy. Speaking of retail therapy, Laney is supposed to have my coat in this weekend. I can't wait to get it. It's so awesome.

Next Friday I'm going to Florida for a week! That is, if Sally can get over her virus in time, or whatever she has. I called her last night, and her mother said that she went to the doctor yesterday bc she was sick, but the doctor wouldn't give her any antibiotics bc she has a viral infection. Her mother said that she's really sick. I hope she gets better before the end of next week. I keep trying to get Sally to take herbal supplements instead of all those antibiotics she takes. I swear, that woman is a walking pharmacy. Her immune system is so messed up from taking too much antibiotics. Her body doesn't know if it's coming or going. She doesn't take care of herself at all and I used to get on to her about it, but she never does anything about it, so what's the use of wasting my breath?

I started taking Zyrtec D yesterday for my allergies, which will soon overcome me bc of Spring. It's a wonder. My sinuses haven't been this clear all winter. I'm amazed. I hope it doesn't have too many side effects. I seem to remember that one of the side effects is depression. I was thinking that maybe it works opposite on a person who is already depressed. Like Ritalin works the opposite on people who aren't hyper; it makes them hyper rather than slows them down. I can't think of any other reason why my mind feels so stable right now. That is the only thing about my routine that has changed.

I must get ready for school now.


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