Long Sigh

I feel:: accomplished
What song is on a loop in my head right now:: Nightmare Before Christmas songs

I'm finally done with my goal for Algebra this week. I've been working on it since like12:30 this afternoon. My head aches. I took my Fine Arts and Spanish tests the other day. I thnik I did well on my Spanish test, but I'm not so sure about the Fine Arts test. There were some questions on there that I wasn't entirely sure about and there was one hell of an essay question on the back page. I had to use 3 pages on the backs of the test pages to answer it. I'm so dizzy. Too much coffee I guess. I haven't even left my house today. Ughhh, it's raining.

I went over to Angie's apt. last night to help her write her comp paper. She is so disorganized. I went over there at 5p and we got finishe at 10:30p. She kept getting off track and losing her focus. She is really sweet, she just gets overwhelmed really easily. I'm like that sometimes.

I'm going to see Daredevil on Sat night with the rest of the folks from the Exodus message board. Laney bought me a ticket when she bought hers. Sweet. I'm so glad she was thinking of me.

I still have some reading to do for class tomorrow, but I think I'm going to go take a nap so my head will quit aching. I need to pray too. Haven't talked to God today, just thinking about freakin Algebra.


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