Happy Hung Over Valentine's Day-A Day Late

I got a call from my ex the day after Valentine's Day to wish me happy Valentine's Day and to tell me that he was hung over. I was all,"You are SO romantic."

I'm supposed to be finishing my comp paper right now. I have like one paragraph to add and then I have to check it for punctuation and add the works cited page. Blah... this paper has been a major pain in the arse.

I'm watching this America Undercover episode called "Out at Work". It's about discrimination of gays at the workplace. There was a part where this woman got fired from Cracker Barrel for being gay. They said that they had instituted a policy that said that they wouldn't have any gay people working for them anymore because homosexuals didn't promote family values. They did interviews with people around the city and some said that they agreed with what Cracker Barrel did because being homosexual was a sin. I couldn't believe that. I thought to myself that if Cracker Barrel was going to fire people for living in sin then they should fire everyone because all people live in sin to one extent or another. For that matter, if all companies were to fire/not hire people for living in sin (based on the premise that being gay is a sin) then no one would have a job and this country would not function at all. That is so absurd. I can't believe someone would do that to someone just because they are gay. There was another segment where this guy was working in the trader industry and the president of his company took his car and had it professionally repainted as a police cruiser with all kinds of gay slurs on it. And then he was fired because he was gay. That makes me so mad. Even if someone is gay and even if other people don't agree with their lifestyle is no reason to fire someone or abuse someone. Ughhhh... That is so shitty.


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