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Well, this is my first entry in my new journal.

I have met someone special. We have spent a lot of time together this week and it has simply flown by. All of my relationships start out extremely intense though and then cool off after awhile. Interestingly, I met his mother last night in the most mortifying of circumstances. We were making out(all clothes were ON mind you), and his mother walks in and flips on the light. Embarrassed does not even describe what I was. She was blind stinking drunk and they proceeded to have a very nasty fight in which she brought up a lot of things from his past and tried to make him look bad in front of me. I felt like I was in high school or something. That was so weird. I can't believe that she did that. He SO needs to get his own place. He is trying to get his life back together after his divorce and I understand that he needs to live at home for awhile while he saves money and stuff. I mean, my dad is supporting me while I'm in college and I think that I am way to old to be living at home. All of that aside, I rhink that he's very special and we had a serious discussion last night about where we wanted to be with God and how we wanted our relationship to be Godly wherever it goes. I mentioned to him that our actions haven't been very Godly since we've met,granted it's only been a week, but I wanted to start out on the right foot because it's very important to me that God be glorified in whatever I do. He said that he was thinking the exact same thing. That was cool and it made it a lot easier for me to talk about with him after he said that. Always before in my other relationships, when I mentioned God and behaving in a Godly manner, my relationships were over. For some reason the guy would think that I was telling him that I didn't want to be with him at all just because I wanted to have a non-physical relationship. I mean, I guess I understand that mentality, but that was never it. It was always about God. It's always been all about God.


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